Moving Mouth Dog Masks

$ 95.00

Super detailed and fun dog masks!! Inspired by the Philadelphia Eagles of 2017 that brought the UNDER DOGS to winning Super Bowl 52 ( I hate Roman numerals), we had to have them for the store and website when we saw them on our last buying trip!

But wait--there's more than just a simple dog mask--this dog mask has a special hinged jaw that moves with your mouth when you speak! And, you will freak people out with your piercing canine eyes!

A lot like a mascot head, and so much better than a cheap Halloween store or online/Amazon knockoff, this mask will WOW everyone who sees you wearing it! The eyes are intense, the mouth that moves as you speak, and the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship will leave you very pleased with your purchase.

A few details: A flexible strap inside the mask keeps it secure against your head while the soft cushion rests against your chin, so the dog's mouth moves when you talk. Very real looking eyes make very real eye contact! Black mesh conceals your eyes but allows you to see out. Life-like breed specific faux fur combines with amazing attention to detail on the mouth and nose to make this a spectacular mask! 

Recommended for ages 14+ as this is designed for an adult sized head! I'd say not for Trick or Treating. 

Choose from four styles—Pug, Dalmation, Poodle and Saint Bernard!

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